MakerToolset mBot Robotics Workshop (Japanese)


Please note that this workshop will be held in Japanese, with all primary instruction in Japanese. The instructors are bilingual and can help English speakers if needed but students should be comfortable using Japanese and receiving instruction in Japanese.

Kids will put together their own robot and make the robot move as they want it to by learning some simple coding.

mBot is a tool for kids to enjoy the hands-on experience about programming, electronics, and robotics. Working with mBlock inspired by Scratch 2.0, controlled wirelessly, this Robot provides infinite possibilities for kids to learn the fun side of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

Signup details:
Ages: 6-13
Dec.27 (Sunday),  2015
 1:30 - 4:30pm  (Doors open 13:15)
麻布いきいきプラザ  (Azabu iki-iki Plaza)
Bring a laptop to do the coding  (details after registration)
Sign-up cost: ¥8,000
Purchase own robot and workshop: ¥18,000
Robot purchase is strictly optional, we will provide robots to use if you don't want to buy one.
You can also wait to purchase a robot after the workshop for ¥10,000 (pending availability)
Workshop will have enough robots for everyone to experience the mBot.

By the end of the workshop students will have built a robot, and be introduced to mechanics and coding needed to program and move a fascinating toy.  Using games, or simple activities, this workshop will engage kids and robots together in the room.

Students will learn problem-solving, teamwork, and electronic knowledge used every day. This will empower students to create their new own solutions by strengthening their electronic and coding skills.

See what’s in the robot we will build, and how the visual coding will work:   (just 2 min.)

More examples of what the mBot robot can do!

Robots that dance:

Robot tug-of-war battle:

Make sure to choose “Yes” from the menu below if you like to purchase a robot:

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