Who we are

長年に渡りOne to Oneプログラムを通してデジタルネイティブを育成する組織への支援を行い、近年はメーカーツールセットとデザイン思考のプロセスに着目しています。構成主義に基づくアプローチにより、学生の創造性と問題解決能力を伸ばす事に注力しています。


ジェイソン ウィック 教育エヴァンジェリスト

Years of helping organizations enable digital natives through one to one laptop/tablet programs have newly opened Jason’s eyes to the opportunities provided by the Maker Toolset and Design Thinking processes. Witnessing the difference a tactile, constructivism approach makes to increase students’ creativity and problem solving intelligence is a highlight of his work.

Jason can often be found working with charitable and social entrepreneurship projects at home and abroad. He is an avid musician and father, both of which foster the growth mindset of a life-long learner.

Gabriel has been helping to design and run after-school programs and workshops for Maker Toolset for several years now. Those programs included robotics, programming, Minecraft, making arcade games out of cardboard and electronics, internet connected devices, and more. Gabriel’s love of technology goes way back. Starting with taking electronics apart and getting into BASIC programming in elementary school. In middle school he got really into robotics, artificial intelligence programming and holography.

Besides technology, Gabriel also had an early love for visual arts such as drawing, painting and photography. Now, with two daughters of his own, he’s really excited to share his creative passions with them and other children.

Jason is Canadian and has been living in Tokyo for 8 years. He works with students ranging from elementary school to university teaching both English and science. His major in university was plant ecology and he is currently doing a master’s degree analyzing the language of TED talks and how ESL learners can use them more effectively.

He is a big TED fan and is actively involved with 3 TEDx events (TEDxTokyo, TEDxYouth@Tokyo, and TEDxTokyoTeachers) in Tokyo. He has two young children and tries to get out into nature with them as much as he can.

Logan arrived in Japan at the turn of the millennium starting a professional career in Tokyo’s financial IT sector. The corporate world drove him to build internal training and on-the-fly education. Having embraced the variety of cultures, experiences, and personalities within multinational corporations, he is excited to share learning with young minds that have a fresh perspective.

As a father, his son reminds him regularly to absorb the world’s training program on-the-fly. He passionately believes learning is a two way street, and we go further by driving the road together.



Kevin has a degree in architecture. Over his career, he has designed houses, coffee machines for UCC,  airplanes, next generation sustainable stores for Lawson along with a host of other exciting projects. Along the way, he has used 3D printers and CNC machines professionally to make exciting furniture and product designs.

David is a maker and innovator. He fixed his first watch at age 7. Made 2 motorcycles out of a several boxes of parts at age 14. Made extra money in High School making custom Chess Tables and building Hot Rods. Worked through college designing and building test systems for characterizing Superconductors, and designing power distributions systems 2 of the largest companies in the world. As a certified mechanic, welder, draftsman, repair technician, Electrical Engineer and inventor he has made various hand tools, furniture, jewelry boxes, knives, guitars, cars, boats, houses, electro-etching system, amps, effectors and a couple of software applications. He has made a professional career around creating and improving business systems, and won multiple awards for that work! He currently mentors several different innovators, startups and OEMs on how to maximize their success!