Final Updates – Electronic Arcade Game Playoffs May 14th

We’ve done additional checkins with Team GuriiEcoGames and Team Mallaborema and they are on the home stretch with their games which are looking very good and promise to provide fun and challenging game play action for all who attend the Playoffs Event this coming May 14th.

GuriiEcoGames – With a Japanese themed interactive battle game, your reaction speed and moves will be put to the test. Brace yourselves for two player action fun.

GuriiecoGames teaser

Mallaborema – Space and time may bend while playing this colourful challenge to your reactionary speed. Ready, Go!Mallaborema teaser

Posters to remind your friends, faculty and family come to enjoy your game on May 14th are linked below.

Electronic Arcade Game Playoffs 2

Download Poster PDF in English


Download Poster PDF in Japanese

もうすぐ開催! 5/14 エレクトロニクス・アーケードゲームプレーオフ




GuriiEcoGames – 日本をテーマにした対戦型ゲームで、あなたの反射神経を試されます。皆さんも一緒に楽しみましょう。

GuriiecoGames teaser

Mallaborema – 準備が整いました! このゲームで遊んでいる間は、時空が曲がるかもしれません。Mallaborema teaser




2 GAME On.Learnhow. Japanese v2




Electronic Arcade Game Playoffs 2

Download Poster PDF in English