Making the Most of Your Summer

While some kids may have every minute of their summer planned out and optimized, now is the season where many parents are wondering what’s the best way to take advantage of the extra time and learn something new.

As a parent, we have always tried to find unique experiences for our kids that were unique, hands-on, and fun. Resisting the temptation to put them into a cram school to etch out a few more points on their GPA is hard. Not that this is all bad, but in addition can you find engaging, authentic experiences where they can use their math and communication skills they’ve worked so hard on throughout the year to tackle a project that builds critical thinking and problem solving skills? What opportunities are out there?

Recently, having lunch with a friend with 3 young kids, it donned on me there are some interesting options out there that need to be shared. Here’s a collection of the top gems we’ve found that we hope will inspire a summer full of play, passion and purpose.

JAM Online Courses (from

Khan Academy – Pixar in a Box  From “The Art of Storytelling” to the “Mathmatics of Animation Curves” the engaging Pixar content and brilliance of the guests shine through. Content seems to be aimed at upper grades, but younger students will find value in it too.

Hour of Code –  Full of activities that fit the full range of age groups and diverse interests. Also available in multiple languages including English and Japanese.

And of course, our Maker Toolset Summer Camps that run for 4 days starting on either July 30th or Aug 27th!

Mission to Mars – Summer Camp 2017


ミッション・トゥ・マーズ – サマーキャンプ 2017








Minecraft Coding Summer Camp 2017

マインクラフト・プログラミング サマーキャンプ 2017

visual coding