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New Bits!

We’ve just taken shipment of a new batch of littleBits and are excited to see what the students can do with these!


Electronic Arcade Sessions

Congratulations to Candy Inc team who’s game was nominated most popular by the G1 students. This team was also selected for the Best Designed Game award. While the other games where also in high demand during our “Play Test” sessions, this group of girls really found the sweet spot when attracting repeat players.

Thunderstormz team was selected for Best Multiplayer Game, Electronic Dragons team was selected for Best Game Rules, and The Raptors team was selected for Most Creative Game. We were so impressed to see how each team helped the other teams through collaboration on connecting electronics, cutting cardboard, feedback and lots of play testing.

It feels good to see these students drive and focus knowing that they are the next batch of inventors and innovators to decide solutions for all our futures. We look forward to seeing what creativity will spring from these young minds in future sessions.


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Robotics and Coding Sessions

Our debut of the Robotics and Coding Sessions leveraging the Scratch-like interface of Enchanting with the flexibility of the Lego Mindstorms robots was a great success. We’ve been amazed by what the G4-8 students created and the challenges they’ve set for themselves to overcome.

Well done to our participants, we’re looking forward to many more interesting Maker Toolset sessions with you. Let’s discover the more about of the applications of electronics, robotics, coding and 3D modeling to provide tactile learning and discover together.


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